Wholesome Harvest CSA

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CSA Membership Options

Each season we provide a wide array of produce using organic practices and principles from early June through October to our CSA member families. Once again this year we are inviting you to join us for a CSA season full of delicious, nutrient dense produce.

Half Share

The half share is delivered weekly and offers produce items in an amount designed for 2 adults. You will receive this share in 3/4 of a bushel box. The half share will provide the member with the same items as the full share but in about 55% to 60% of the quantity of the full share.


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Small Choice Share

The small choice share is delivered weekly and offers produce items in an amount designed for 1-3 adults. You will receive this share in 3/4 of a bushel box. The small choice share is about 5-10 percent larger than the Half Share over the course of the entire growing season. The small choice share consists of 12 points weekly that you use in exchange for items that are available from the farm each week.


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Peak Season Share

Share The peak season share is just that. This share is delivered weekly and covers the very heart of the Wisconsin growing season when the bounty and diversity of crops are coming in full force. This share is similar in weekly quantity to a traditional half share but covers a season that is 6 weeks shorter and covering a window in our Wisconsin growing season that covers many favorite vegetables such as tomato, pepper, melon, carrot and more. Produce for 1-3 individuals on average. Season runs July 18th – October 17th. 14 week season


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Egg Share

The egg share offers members a chance to receive half a dozen or a dozen eggs each week. The chickens that produce the eggs enjoy free range pasteurization and are given only organic feed items. The eggs are organic, free range eggs. Half-dozen available for $40.


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Spring Greenhouse Share

Start the fresh and local veggie season early with four deliveries of fresh gourmet vegetables in early May. You can expect 6-10 items each delivery including asparagus, salad mix, spinach, saute mix, scallions, head lettuce, choi, arugula, salad turnips, radish, and several other items. For the individual or household who enjoys the variety and quality of spring greens and the value of asparagus and other early maturing crops not found when the regular share season begins.


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Winter Storage Share

The storage share consists of 2 late season bulk deliveries of items such as winter squash, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, and several other storage items that should last into the new year. You will receive storage and usage tips with your share. Two deliveries 1st and 3rd week of November


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