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Red Angus Beef

Our herd of registered Red Angus cattle roams 60 acres of our certified organic pasture.

Our beef cattle receive nothing but grass or stock piled forages, no grains, by-products, or anything of the sort. Our goal in providing you and ourselves with the highest quality beef is achieved as follows: healthy, active, nutrient dense soil = healthy, nutrient dense cattle = a highly nutritional, wonderful tasting beef.

Pasture and Feed

The beauty of grazing cattle is that they are doing exactly what they were created to do and are profoundly efficient at it. They can maximize every drop of nutrients possible out of the grass they eat. In addition, they are recycling the excess nutrients back to the soil for future pasture growth. In nature cattle are herding animals where the herd congregates, eats a patch of vegetation down, than travels on to the next patch. This is exactly what we are doing with our herd. We allow them to graze an area of pasture until it is eaten down to a specific height of 3-4 inches tall, than they are moved to the next patch of new untouched pasture and the process is repeated. Some days the herd is moved to new organic pasture as many as three times in one day. The paddocks that have been grazed are than given 40 to 70 days to recover, replenish and thicken providing new stronger grass plants for the cattle in the future. When we have extra paddocks that are growing faster than the cattle can eat, we cut this grass, put it into bales and store it for use in February when the snow is deep and the pasture may be sparse.

Animal Health and Welfare

We use no antibiotics, no hormones, no growth regulators, nothing of the kind. We make sure all feed and pasture is of high quality, water is always clean and present, and there is always fresh grass or forage for the cattle to eat. Providing these high quality items helps insulate our cattle from many of today’s common disease problems. We don’t crowd our animals into messy lots or pens other than for very short intervals while moving them or handling them which greatly reduces disease and pests. Lastly, the grass in their pastures is like a giant sponge absorbing many of the causes of disease and stress for the animal and returning a high quality feed in return. The more fresh pasture we give our animals, the healthier they seem to be. All of these factors allow us to keep our animals happy, healthy, and thriving.

We always handle our animals calmly and gently without cattle prods or any other devices. All of our processors know that our animals have been and will need to be handled as calmly and gently as possible when the time for processing comes.

Quality Tasting & Healthy Beef

Getting quality tasting and healthy beef from the grass: The health benefits of grass fed beef are numerous and well documented. High levels of omega 3s, lower in calories, lower in saturated fats are just a few to name. The goal for us is achieving all these benefits along with providing a great tasting product for all to enjoy. The key is the quality of the pasture. The more nutrients in the pasture, the more nutrients in the meat, the better the finished product will be. We use special pasture paddocks specifically designed for finishing our beef with quality and health in mind. We treat these sections of grass with great care where these paddocks are pampered and constantly tested for fertility and forage quality. Organic micro nutrients are applied to the soil to keep fertility levels at optimum levels. Keeping these pasture paddocks in great shape lets our cattle consume the best possible grass at the stage in life when they need it most.

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