Wholesome Harvest CSA

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Wholesome Harvest CSA HMO Rebates

There are several health insurances that offer rebates for healthy life choices which you may be eligible to use toward your Wholesome Harvest Share. Several that we know of are Physician's Plus, Unity, Group Health Cooperative, and Dean Health. You may want to check with your health insurance provider to see if they offer this type of rebate. We have found that most require a copy of this enrollment form along with their rebate form.

Group Health Cooperative

If you are a member of Group Health Cooperative, visit Group Health Cooperative's Website for more information about their Wellness Reimbursement Program.

Dean Health Care

If you are a member of Dean Health Care, visit Dean Health Care's Website for more information about their living healthy rewards program.

Unity Health

If you are a member of Unity Health, visit Unity Health's Website for more information about current reimbursement offers.

Physician's Plus

If you are a current Physician's Plus Member, visit the Physician's Plus Website for information about their current Eat Healthy Rebate.

Additional Information

Visit the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition's Website for much more information and a list of Health Plan Partners.