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Fresh Brown Eggs

Our hens are given access to range from sunrise to sunset each day on our pasture lands. They are free to scavenge about digging up bugs, seeds and enjoying the new succulent lower growth of the pasture grasses and legumes. In addition to their daily pasture forage our layers are given a wide variety of green vegetables from the farm. The consumption of pasture greens and insect proteins is what give our eggs the rich gold colored yolk, thick hard shell, and distinct flavor. As chickens can only consume about 30% of their feed intake from pasture and greens we also provide them with a ration of high quality organic grains to peck through as they see fit.

All feed is certified organic including pastures, grains, and other specially planted crops just forthe chickens. We take great care in making sure our birds have the best and healthiest diet we can give them. No byproducts, no mass produced waste products; nothing other than good, wholesome, nutrient dense feeds and all the pasture crops they will eat.

Production and Welfare

Our hens are given a central layer house to provide protection, warmth, and a great spot to laytheir brown eggs. We have built and designed our own type of nest box which keeps the henclean and happy and the eggs neat and clean for us to gather each day. During day light hourshens are given a large pasture paddocks located around the layer house to range in. In the evening they are shut into their layer coop to protect them from any predators. As with all our animals we use no antibiotics, no hormones, no growth regulators, nothing of the kind.

We make sure all feed and pasture is of high quality, water is always clean and present, and there is always fresh grass or forage for the hens to get to. The more fresh pasture we give our animals, the healthier they will be. All of these factors allow us to keep our animals happy, healthy, and thriving. We always handle our animals calmly and gently without cattle prods or any other devices. All of our processors know that our animals have been and will need to be handled as calmly and gently as possible when the time for processing comes.

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