Wholesome Harvest CSA

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Wholesome Harvest CSA Produce Share

Each season we provide a wide array of organically grown vegetables from early June through October to our CSA member families. Once again this year we are inviting you to join us for a CSA season full of delicious, nutrient dense produce. You can expect to enjoy plenty of the classics such as tomatoes, beans, carrots, potatoes, sweet corn, broccoli, and much more. You can also expect a sampling of some lesser known varieties such as kale, Asian greens, and Chinese cabbage.

As usual, this season we are adding new crops to our offering. Some of these include basil, arugula, cosmic carrots, and brussel sprouts. We offer full shares, half shares, winter shares, and a new cooking greens share. We hope that our farm can be a blessing to you and your family this season.

How the Produce Share Works

Each week throughout the season you will receive a variety of 6-12 or more items that are in season at that time. From strawberries and spinach in spring, to the bounty of tomatoes, melons, and corn in summer, and the potatoes and winter squash of late summer and fall. Each week you will arrive at your pick up site of choice to find a box of vegetables designated to your share size. You simply take the box home and enjoy.

The following week when you pick up you simply bring last weeks box back flattened and pick up a new box of fresh delivered produce from the farm. In addition to your box we frequently will provide you with recipes and cooking tips on how to use the items in your box. You also will be invited to a variety of opportunities to visit the farm throughout the season such as tour days, pot lucks and a pumpkin pick party which will all be on the agenda for this season.

Produce Offered

This chart is to be used as a guideline for the timing of the potential produce that we hope to provide this season. This chart does not include every crop that we grow.


June - July3-4 Times

Beans (Green, Wax, Purple)

July - August8 Times


July - October6 Times


June - October6-8 Times

Brussel Sprouts

October2 Times

Cabbage (Green, Red)

July - October5 Times


July - October7 Times


July - September8-10 Times


July - September6-8 Times


June - October4-6 Times


July - October5 Times


June - October8-10 Times


July - September3 Times

Onions (Red, White, Yellow)

July - October7-10 Times


June - July2-3 Times


July - October8-10 Times

Potatoes (Red, White, Yellow)

August - October6-8 Times


June, September, October4-6 Times


June - August2-4 Times


June, September, October6 Times

Squash (Summer)

July - September6-8 Times

Squash (Winter)

September - October6 Times


June, July, September2-4 Times

Sweet Corn

July - September4-5 Times

Sweet Potatoes

September - October2 Times

Tomatoes (Cherry)

July - September5-7 Times

Tomatoes (All Others)

June - September7-10 Times


August - September3-5 Times